Cannabis is kill or cure?

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Malaysia has recently been rocked by the case of a nasyid singer who planted his own cannabis plant due to mental health factors he faced.

Yasin, who was diagnosed with bipolar mental health, took the herbal initiative of cannabis as his alternative to more natural or drug-free mental health.

Taking the experience of one of the mental health sufferers who is still undergoing treatment. Various types of medications have been tried and inevitably have side effects such as lethargic, becoming forgetful as well as blurred vision.

These side effects may vary according to the individual. The pain should not be an obstacle for a person to live a normal life and if the person was a productive and active before and now has to live a different life, this is something that is quite difficult to accept.

If there is a treatment that offers better health without the side effects why dont opportunity offered to Malaysians.

It would be a loss to the country to reject something more natural as a medical alternative if the usual medicine couldn’t provide a cure or in other words find a dead end.

Luqman, Yasin Sulaiman both sought healing through herbs after the usual treatment could not promise a cure to them and were even arrested for growing cannabis for their own use.

Such laws should be reviewed. They are not criminals but sick individuals who seek natural healing alternatives and are even arrested and can face the death penalty.

This is something barbaric and concluded as unfortunate. Previously, charges of possession of cannabis in Thailand could involve the following penalties: For petty use of cannabis, the maximum sentence was imprisonment for up to 1 year and/or a fine of up to 10,000 Baht.

For possession of up to 10kg, the maximum penalty is 5 years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to 50,000 baht. According to sources in neighboring countries who are beginning to realize the benefits of the plant, Thailand has allowed the use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

At the same time, the Thai government also wants to give the people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and also improve the country’s economy by commercializing the herb.

Thailand expects the commercial revenue of the herb could reach up to 48billion US Dollars by the year of 2027.

Taking the example of neighboring countries, Malaysia should review this death penalty.There are many actually in need of this alternative cannabis treatment, if look at Facebook page itself there are those who set up group that try to provide public awareness about the use of cannabis or medical-cannabis treatment.

The author sees most of them are parents of pediatric patients with epilepsy, tourette syndrome who are hoping from the government to allow the use of medical grade cannabis in Malaysia.

Have you ever if once again we are shaken by the arrest of parents who have children in need of treatment like medical grade cannabis or marijuana would we punish them to the gallows as well?

By, Nourelhiddayah, Contributor

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